Since October 2018 I am an assistant professor at Aix-Marseille university (AMU), in the "physics and image processing" team of the Fresnel institute. My research is focused on data science problems involving particular geometric structures. More precisely, I have been interested / work on:

  • density estimation
    • on manifolds (symmetric spaces and Lie groups)
    • in deterministic contexts (using the co-area formula)
  • the geometry of the space of color derived from the MacAdam ellipses
  • non-scalar mathematical morphology
  • 3D shape processing and facial motions

Before joining AMU, I was a post-doc at Duke university with David Dunson and Jana Schaich Borg, a post-doc at the Weizmann institute with Ronen Basri, and a phd student at Ecole des Mines de Paris with Jesus Angulo.